Il 16 novembre 2018 è stata pubblicata su Vita no profit magazine una intervista al nostro presidente Emanuele Alecci.

Riportiamo l’intervista tradotta in inglese:

The announcement will arrive on December 5th. The finalists are the Venetian city of Padova and the Scottish Stirling. “Of course we strongly want to win, we care a lot. But this candidacy has already promoted in the city a lot of new energies and initiatives that will remain in any case. It was an extraordinary engine”, explains Emanuele Alecci, president of CSV Padova

Padova responded to the call for proposal launched by the European Center for Volunteering (Cev) presenting its candidacy. The decison was taken with a formal act of the Municipality, born from the stimulus of the Voluntary Service Center of Padova.
The Cev initiative awards municipalities that strengthen partnerships with volunteer centers and organizations that involve volunteers. This is the seventh edition of the competition. In the first four editions the city who have been nominated capitals were Barcelona, Lisbon, London and Sligo (Ireland). The European volunteering Capital of 2018 is the Danish Aarhus (Denmark), while for 2019 the city of Kosice (Slovakia) has already been chosen. The winner for 2020 will be announce on December 5th, but according to the president of the CSV Padova Emanuele Alecci there is a lot of confidence: “There are several factors in our favor. First of all Brexit, then the fact that Italy has never won while the United Kingdom has. Anyway the decision will be taken by a Commission so there are no certainties. But we are positive “.

What brought to the candidature of Padova?
Everything begun with a rethink of our work as Csv. We started a reflection trying to understand how our commitment was going and we have involved the public administration in our reflections. What we understood is that a cultural change was necessary: it is no longer enough to be those who do things, it is necessary to become those who think and propose new ideas. So we decided to candidate the city finding great support from the Municipality.

An application as the crowning of a path?
The candidature can certainly mark a fair recognition of the past for Padova. It is evident to everyone, not only to insiders, that Padova has always been able to experience a concrete and at the same time visionary solidarity. From Civitas to Banca Etica, from Zancan Foundation to the Blessed Peace builders, there are many civil commitment initiatives born in Padova and become national heritage. And we don’t have to forget either the significant people we had the fortune to have here, from Tom Benetollo to Don Giovanni Nervo. Anyway in my opinion this candidature has to be seen as an incentive for the future.

And we don’t have to forget an important present…
With the candidature we had the chanche to understand the reality in a deeper way. Today, with the 6,200 organizations of the third sector and the thousands of volunteers, Padova is still the spearhead of Italian volunteering. However, it requires new motivations and a generational and cultural change that can be fueled by this application.

So if Stirling would win, it would be a disaster?
Not at all. The candidacy was a propeller. There was great contamination in the city. The Solidaria Festival was born with more than 60 events in a week that involved 25 thousand people. A great ferment that involved all the neighborhoods. Nobody can take this away. Whether we will win or lose Padova and its volunteers have changed. We live this opportunity as an instrument to renew ourselves. In the coming days a new national cultural network will be born, always in the wake of this beautiful experience.

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